9 Surprising Depression Symptoms

9 Surprising Depression Symptoms

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“Depression doesn’t always look like sadness, “says Richard Kravitz, MD, MSPH, a professor of internal medicine at University of California, Davis. “Patients hesitate to consider depression as a cause of their symptoms because they may equate it with weakness, but also in part they simply don’t associate those symptoms with depression.”

Accurately identifying the problem is key, the sooner you get treatment, the easier it will be to return your happy, healthy self.

Here are 9 surprising signs of the disease you don’t want to miss.

Chronic Body Pain

About 75% of people who suffer from the depression also deal with recurring or chronic pain, research shows.

In a Canadian study published in the journal Pain, people with depression were four times more likely to have intense or disabling neck and low back pain than those without.

You might also notice other signs like stomachaches and headaches, or just experience greater sensitivity to pain in general.

Over Weight

Where did that extra roll come from? Over time emotional eating can lead to weight gain and feelings of guilt and shame, plus it does nothing to treat the underlying cause.

A new study in the journal Obesity confirms that high levels of stress and depression make it tough to drop pounds and stick to effective weight-loss strategies.

On the other side, some people may lose weight, as depression kills appetite.

You are short tempered

People with depression reported feeling hostile, grumpy, argumentative, foul-tempered, or angry also irritability and frustration. You’re not directly there, but it’s a short walk.”

You feel nothing

Most of us have motivations that get us out of bed in the morning, whether it’s work, exercise, socializing, or making breakfast, But for people who are depressed those pulls dry up and things that once brought tears or smiles now barely register.

This kind of z behavior is a strong sign of mental illness, and it can make you seem cold, distant or aloof, pushing away the people who would otherwise give you love and support.

More Alcohol Consumption

Nearly one-third of people with depression also have an alcohol problem. And though one drink can take the edge off, a second or third can amplify negative emotions—anger, aggressiveness, anxiety, and greater sadness.

The healthy limit, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is one drink per day for women, and two drinks per day for men.

You’re glued to Facebook…

Or gambling or shopping… basically doing anything in excess, especially online.

Several studies confirm that people who go online compulsively and have more virtual social interactions than real ones may be depressed.

They may feel deprived of real human companionship and/or may be using the online world to escape from their thoughts and feelings.

Daydreaming a lot

About becoming a movie star, falling madly in love, how your friend’s kid is smarter than yours, or the boss has it in for you?

Psychologists from Harvard University have shown that we’re happiest when our minds are firmly rooted in the present moment, and when our minds wander, it can make us wistful, anxious, and unhappy.

While daydreaming can help find creative solutions to problems, more often than not it’s linked to signs of a low mood.

Conflict about everything

Snooze or wake up? Get dressed or stay in pajamas? Eat oatmeal or eggs? Read or watch TV? “When we’re depressed, there is a huge conflict going on in your mind.

You’ve stopped combing your hair

Even if your grooming routine was modest to begin with, it may disappear when you’re depressed.

“Neglecting your physical wellbeing and appearance is only problematic when it crosses over into distress or dysfunction.”

Ultimately, not caring what you look like on the outside is a strong sign of problems happening on the inside .

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