Shital Chavan founder of Brzee wellness center. Born in the busy metropolitan city of Mumbai.

An independent extrovert enjoying & experiencing the mundane tasks of life and as she was treading along the path of life, she discovered her true purpose of existence is to assist people and help create positive changes in the World and in people's lives.

Shital is a International Speaker and Coach. With more than 10yrs of expertise, intense learning, meditation, she has been successful to achieve Certification from Federation of NLPC ( Neuro Linguistic Programme Coaching- USA) Professionals to transform lives with simple but profound tools mentioned below:

  • Life Coach
  • NLP Coach
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner
  • Hypnotist
  • RSCI Coach
  • Personal Breakthrough Experience
  • Jin Shin Jytsu

Life Alignment which includes – South Africa

  • Body Spin
  • Home Alignment
  • Body Alignment


  • Grandmaster Usui Reiki - Dubai
  • Grandmaster Karuna Reiki - USA

Shital's work has been facilitated in private one-on-one sessions for entrepreneurs, employees and have also facilitated effective Workshops for Corporations and Government both locally and internationally. Her focus is on Emotional Release which is the Root Cause of Stress, Body Pain and Disease. She create a sense of comfort and balance in life, by Empowering YOU to find Inspiration and Success from your surroundings and from within.

"By changing the way we think and the environment we inhabit, we have the Power to improve our Quality of Life"

Isn't that Amazing!

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