Corporate Wellness Programs

Wellness in the corporate world is the next step towards maximizing human potential in the workspace. More often than not, it is stress at work that keeps us away from achieving our goals. Shital has developed a wellness program that helps participants to deal with stress effectively. Not only that our program reaches deep down into the psyche of the participants to help them to discover their latent potential so that they can maximize themselves in their work environment. Her corporate wellness programs are about progress, growth and fulfillment. Shital believe’s that a company that heals together grows together. A happy work environment is where success begins.

Wellness Retreats

Each one of us deserves an experience to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Our wellness retreats take you out of your regular routine and environment into exotic locations and scenario’s so that you can break away from old restricting patterns to immerge into the new-ness of you. This retreats awaken you from the inside out and provide a healing platform from where you can grow and fly from. The retreats are a relaxing and rejuvenating experience where you will re-connect with yourself and also deeply connect with others.

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