Reiki for Mothers

Reiki – the Universal Energy is defined as being that power which acts and lives in all created matter.

My desire is to teach Reiki to all mothers so they are empowered with the awareness that their hands can heal their entire family at home with ease.

Why Reiki?

Reiki is not only the most simple and natural healing method we know of, but it is also the most effective way of transferring this universal life energy. Once the attunements are given to a person he l she becomes a Reiki channel and will remain so for the rest of his life. It is this universal energy which flows through our hands in concentrated form when we treat someone with Reiki.

How does it benefit mankind?

Reiki brings the body into harmony by relieving physical, mental and emotional blockages
Reiki heals the cause and eliminates the effects of an imbalance
Reiki helps minimize one’s sense of helplessness when facing disease or the trauma of modern society.
Reiki is always used for the good of mankind.
Reiki is release, activator, energizer and transformer of energy
Reiki is not dependent on a belief system. It works whether you believe in it or not.
Reiki support and accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
Reiki loosens up block energy and promotes a state of total relaxation.

In daily life how does this energy transfer thru reiki help?

In daily life a person suffers through various pain and symptoms. Reiki can give relief in matter of few minutes as it heals physical and emotional issues with ease.
Eg: In case of Infants – can relieve from stomach cramps and helps to have peaceful sleep etc…
In case of Child – heals toothache, growing pain in legs, Anger etc…
In case of Adult – heals headache, back pain, knee pain, blood circulation, relaxes muscles, depression etc
Animals enjoy Reiki treatments – they appear calm and relaxed.

Is it the state of mind which causes wellness?

Yes, Stress free and peace of mind is the first step towards wellness.

How old should a person be to be trained in reiki?

One can be trained in Reiki from the age of 5 onwards.

Can reiki be administered across oceans?

Yes, Reiki can be administered across oceans to your family and friends back home.

Reiki Workshop

Client Testimonial for Reiki

Shital , it was an unbelievable experience. Words cannot express my feelings. It was like re-birth. I am going to definitely pass on the power of Reiki to everyone around me to benefit!

Mrs. Patil - April 2017

My sincere thanks to Shital Chitre, an amazing lady with extreme healing talent. Call it Reki or divine blessings bestowed upon her to heal and resolve intense suffering of body, mind and soul. I have known her well and over a decade she has been practicing this amazing benefits of alternative treatments and believe you me, here patience and eagerness to indulge more and more into this therapy has been indeed recognized and spreading all over the globe. Most recently she was honored by Royal Wellness Healing Seminar in Dubai to share her amazing journey as Holistic Healer and she especially emphasizes and encouraging every mother to learn, acquire and bring home the simple techniques of Reki that would bring healing within.

Mr. Lobo, Dubai, UAE

It has been a wonderful experience in going through all that shital has done on us. far from what i ever expected ? . Cleasing, Positivity, Healing and creating a meditative state are wonderful experiences . Feels lighter , Healthier, Vison clearer, Business office and Home much cleanesed and brighter. I wish shital all the best and hope to see her soon in the near future. Thanks and God Bless.

Mr and Mrs Bhatia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Receiving reiki and access healing from Mrs. Shital has been a life changing experience for me and in many ways it has helped me blossom into the person I was born to be. I am suffering from the disease juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Before receiving reiki and access healing this disease had taken over my life and in many ways was controlling me. The healings have helped me set free from the unwanted emotions and the medication that the disease brought with it, and now I feel much healthier and in the far better place from where I started form.

Ms. Kapur, Dubai, UAE.

I have learned Reiki from Shital and used it on my 5 yr old daughter.My daughter has a wheezing condition and once she starts cold and cough it usually ends up in wheezing attack were she has to take nebulizer repeatedly sometimes with steroids as well but this time after my learning from shital i learned the quick and effective remedious through reiki that would take care of my daugher and work not just on the physical but also the emotional aspect.

Mrs. Dheer, Dubai, UAE.

As we all know, things happen for a reason so maybe I was destined to meet her. ...and what a fabulous person Shital is! After the sudden demise of my dad, I had been very lost in this world. I was doing things just for the sake of doing with no interest in life. I was angry that how could God take away the person with whom I was the closest. I was sad, angry, depressed.. As someone who is a 'coper' and who usually gets through life with grim determination and a breezy “I'm fine”, I recognised that I hadn't processed many of my feelings and the tools I was used to using i.e. my head, just weren't working for me anymore. Therefore I turned to Reiki as a means of bypassing my head, and working with myself at an energetic level. I was sceptical that it would make any kind of difference and half expected it to be a nice relaxation but nothing more. After the first session however, I experienced a profound shift in my feelings. Shital being the medium, I got to know a lot of things from my father, what he wanted and how he wanted me to move on in life. Now that I felt lighter, freer, more full of love and gratitude for my life, less stressed and considerably more open.

Mrs. Chugh, Dubai, UAE.

I could feel so connected to myself. I discovered to "let go" of the many things which I held on for many years. Thank you Shital.

Mrs. Asha - April 2017

Shital, it was an amazing experience. I was waiting to learn this for many years. I am sure it will help my life, family and people around me.

Mrs. Patil - April 2017

I thank God for introducing Shital in my life.Shital is good friend having amazing healing talent.she knows all our problems without telling her. Shital introduced me to Reiki,tought me Reiki levels which has changed my attitude towards life,towards relationships. She helped me a lot in improving my relations with my family. Sudden sad demise of my father made my mother devastated &collapsed mentally.we were depressed that dad could not speak in last stage,we couldnot hear from him. Shital is like angel who helped us connect with my father's soul.we could hear from him through Shital's medium.we could ask him about his wishes.Shital healed my mom from father's death agony& her aggrevated back pain.Hearing from father's soul gave lot of strenght to us specially to my mom. God has gifted Shital being medium connecting to deceassed spirits &receive msgs from them. I strongly recommend for Shital,if you want to hear from your deceassed beloved ones,if you want to ask their wish,Shital is blessing in our life.

Dr. Pawar, Dubai, UAE.

For about 5 years Before I took healing from Sheetal I suffered from a constant feeling of insecurity within. I would often get up in the middle of night with cold sweat and a pit like sensation in the stomach. After taking two sittings of healing I feel more secure. For more than six months now I have not had the unpleasant feeling at night. I can sleep more peacefully and I am relaxed in the mind.

Mrs. Parmar (Age 63), Mumbai.

I feel Shital's Presence in my life has changed my destiny. Being and experienced MBA in HR i was stuck to find a decent Job in UAE. But her healing changed my Destiny.I had my own limits and i self sabotage most of my opportunities.i realized it only after a session with shital and she helped me off my limits and now am a freelancer my destiny is complete changed into a new reality. I am now a Established Website Designer and my life has made 360 degree change, the way I look at it now makes me Happy , Satisfied ,Energetic and worth Living. My Hearty Thanks to Shital and the shift she created for me and Helped me find my self ,my true being. I recommed Shital especially to BUSSINESS AND PEOPLE who are stuck and dont know WHY? She is a Blessing to the world. Your time has come to initiate the change.

Mr. Chavan, Dubai, UAE.

I wanted to share here how a small gesture can change a life. As my favourite pastime, I have always been involved in charitable activities. Yet felt a vaccum in my life. Something was missing in a big way. Didnt knw what ! I always wanted to channelize my activities and grow in it. But again..didnt know what and how to go about it. Sheetal happened to introduce me with her therapy, it worked wonders from the moment she treated me for it. Miraculously, from the very day my life changed for good. She opened the emotional blockage and channelised my thought.process.. I created a group for helping people with blood donors in emergency case locally (Dubai). Enthusiastic Blood Donors Drive today has reached over 390 cases both in India and Dubai helping people find blood donor on a click of a button. I felt all the puzzles are now in place and I know where and how I must take this drive ahead. I am contended and happy from within. I cant thank Sheetal enough to give me such a great gift of life that keeps me happy and peaceful all the while. May god bless her to reach many more like us.

Mrs. Parmar

My healing experience with sheetal was extraordinary. It was the first time I was undergoing such an experience so I was skeptical at first. However, Sheetal made me feel comfortable right off the bat. She gave me some great advice about how to resolve some conflicts that were plaguing me back then. The healing itself was super effective too. My body felt light as a feather after the experience. I felt like all the tensions, stress were erased from system. It was a wonderful exprience which I would 100% recommend to others.

Ms. Joshi, Age 25. Mumbai

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